The Power of Reishi

Reishi is a mushroom, which within the context of Chinese Taoist Herbalism, is the most potent and effective “Shen” herb that one can take. What is “Shen”? In Chinese, Shen means “Spirit”.

Even in Western Culture, the concept of a healthy, well-rounded person includes 3 aspects: Body, Mind & Spirit. While most people believe that the way to uplift and renew our Spirit is through our spiritual practices, i.e. prayer, meditation, communal praise/worship, etc., few people in the west realize that there are actually plants that can support and strengthen our spiritual growth and awareness. Reishi is one such plant.

For thousands of years, Taoist monks in China have used Reishi for its ability to nurture growth on one’s spiritual path. Elevating wisdom and insight, Reishi is regarded to nourish and protect us on the emotional, mental and spiritual planes of existence. Reishi is known to treat mental maladies of all varieties, including anxiety, depression and stress.  Known by many names, including the Great Protector, Spirit Herb and the Herb of Immortality, it is highly prized commodity in many of the world’s Eastern and even Western cultures.

Not only is Reishi the most researched and well validated herb on the planet, its nourishing and protective abilities have been well documented by science. Reishi contains very high quantities of polysaccharides, immunoglobans, triterpenes, beta-glucans and other unique antioxidants found to strengthen and build the immune system.  Reishi is also a powerful cytokine activator, which are proteins which help the body increase white blood cells which fight off infection, inflammation and even cancerous cells.

Some herbalists, like Rehmannia Dean Thomas, believe that by building our immune system properly we build a “wall of safety” around ourselves, giving us a psychological reassurance that we can venture out into the world in a deeply protected state. This also lends credence to the fact that Reishi can help shift our brain wave state from the more tense beta to a more relaxed alpha state.

I could go on and on about the myriad properties and abilities of this marvelous mushroom, but for the brevity of this article I will list the benefits that may help us most in this so called modern age: Reishi is extremely protective to the liver, even going so far as to prevent liver cirrhosis from too much alcohol consumption. Reishi protects against radiation, free radicals and environmental stressors that can have a debilitating effect on our immune system, thereby leading to a vulnerable psyche. It also increases resistance to viruses, bacteria, infections, fungus and other external toxins. It is sometimes described as a “superior-class” adaptogen as well, helping fight off stress, fatigue, free radicals and inflammation.

On the spiritual plane, Reishi is known to help us open our hearts and deepen our connection to ourselves, helping dissolve negativity and old psychic baggage that we may be carrying. In the context of helping us on our spiritual path, Reishi is a powerful ally indeed.

However, not all Reishi is created equal. Out of the 2000+ types of Reishi found in nature, only a small number have been found to possess the most powerful Shen (spirit) and immune building properties. Infinity Elixirs is fortunate enough to have obtained a very high potency Duanwood Reishi Extract for the the benefit of anyone looking to build immunity and nourish them on their spiritual path.

What is Duanwood? Duanwood is a process of growing Reishi in China on hardwood in nutrient rich soil, originally developed by a Japanese doctor researching Reishi’s effects on treating cancer. Rich in powerful phytonutrients, the Chinese government actually regulates Duanwood Reishi, where it is forbidden to use chemicals or pesticides, guaranteeing an organic product. It is within the full fruiting body of the mushroom where all the biochemical and phytonutrient constituents are found, however they are locked within the tough and woody fiber called Chitin. Traditionally, hot water has been used in Chinese Taoist Herbalism to extract these important medicinal compounds, and a 10:1 hot water extraction is used in our Duanwood Reishi product, giving you 10 pounds of Reishi in every pound of extract.

I sincerely hope you will give Reishi a chance to Elevate, Expand and Enlighten your daily living. Reishi can be found in our Spirit Lifter Formula and very soon as a stand alone product for your elixir magic at home.


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