TRIBULUS – Yet another powerful plant with roots in many cultures, Tribulus has become well known over the years for its hormone balancing constituents as well as its overall strengthening properties.

As a hormone modulator, Tribulus is well regarded for women going through menopause or even monthly cycles, while for men it is known as a powerful sexual tonic to enhance sexual potency and strength.

Infinity Elixirs is proud to be using a Tribulus Extract with a standardization of 90% saponins, the key constituent in Tribulus’ strength enhancing abilities. These saponins can actually increase the amount of free testosterone available in the bloodstream, making lean muscle building more accessible and increasing stamina over time.

A powerful Chi and Jing tonic, Tribulus also helps promote the functioning of the adrenal glands and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It’s easy to see why we made Tribulus part of our Rise to Energize formula.

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